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Getting an Oversized Grip on Pain!

Glucosamine and Arthritis



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Do your hands hurt after a round of golf or a bucket of balls at the range?

Do you have Arthritis?

 Do you want a grip that feels good  in your hands?

Black Magna golf grips are the answer. They are one piece molded golf grips that provide cushion and surface tack for an easier grip and absorb the shock endured in a round of golf.

  • Grips have a slight tack that allows a softer, easier grip at address resulting in better control of shots and less fatigue to the hands throughout the round of golf.

  • No slickening of the grip as it wears!  When dirty, just wipe the grip with a damp towel or dish washing detergent and the original surface tack and feel return.

  • No more sting from missed hits!  The unique rubber  material has been proven to be an excellent shock absorber and therefore provides a more ergonomically friendly grip.  The cushioning nature of the material helps to maintain consistency of hits throughout the round.

  • More control of the club head!  Black Magna grips are more dense than standard replacement grips and add some weight to the club.  The result?  A more controlled swing path, and more consistent shots with a whole lot less effort.

  • Grips are slightly larger than standard for more control and comfort. A replacement set of grips can make the difference in your game.

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